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How To Choose Web Server: Nginx vs Apache

Apache and Nginx are the two most popular open source web servers that power more than half of the websites today. Both web servers are well known and able to handle diverse workloads. So the question is which web server is better and which one should you use for your next website. What is Apache […]

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Difference Between getElementById And querySelector

I recently noticed many people, especially new JavaScript developers, do not know the differences between getElementById And querySelector. The questions that were asked the most are what are the differences and which one is faster. Well the short answer is both of these functions are very similar in what they can do in term of […]

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How To Check Which WordPress Version You Are Using

I noticed many people were having trouble finding out which WordPress version they are using. In this article I will show you how to check the version of WordPress using simple methods listed below. Method 1: Check WordPress Version via Dashboard Login in to the backend of wordpress, on the dashboard page, hover over the […]

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Creating A Dropdown Menu Using CSS3, No JavaScript

Today we are going to look at how to create a pure CSS3 dropdown menu without using JavaScript or jQuery. Before moving forward with this tutorial, it is highly recommend that you take a look at the demo and get a feeling of what the end result looks like. HTML For The Dropdown Menu <ul> […]

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How To Check Memory Usage On Linux With 3 Commands

It is very important to check memory usage on servers to prevent resources from falling short. If you run a busy website, you need to make sure the server has enough free memory to serve the visitors to the site. If not, the site will become painfully slow or even go down when there is […]

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How To Disable RSS Feeds In WordPress With Plugin

RSS allows users to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from your site. It is turned on by default and there is no option to turn it off. So if you wish to disable the RSS feeds for your website, follow the steps below. Disable RSS Feeds Using a Plugin The plugin you […]

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