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How To Create A Nice Pressable Button With CSS3

Do you know you can create beautiful looking press-able buttons with pure CSS3? Button press effect can be achieved by using box-shadow property. The box-shadow property describes one or more shadow effects as a comma-separated list. It enables you to cast a drop shadow from the frame of almost any element. View Demo HTML For […]

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How To Create Flashing/Blinking Text With CSS3 Animations

We used to have <blink> tag to create the blinking text on webpages. It is now deprecated, but good news is that we have CSS3 animations that can produce the same blinking effect. Here is the demo. HTML For Flashing/Blinking Text <span class=”blink”>A blinking text</span> CSS For Flashing/Blinking Text .blink { -webkit-animation: blink 1s step-end […]

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Difference Between getElementById And querySelector

I recently noticed many people, especially new JavaScript developers, do not know the differences between getElementById And querySelector. The questions that were asked the most are what are the differences and which one is faster. Well the short answer is both of these functions are very similar in what they can do in term of […]

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